This is my website and one of my life's biggest and longest hobbies and this particular article is more about my personal story and journey, in becoming a Lotto Analyst over the last 3 decades and what insights and different things I've experienced and learned along the way.   

I originally first started doing Lottery research just as a hobby sometime in 1992, after seeing this particular lottery commercial come on TV one day and I thought to myself "I think I'm going to see if I can figure out how to win the lottery".  Hasn't everyone thought of that at some point? Like it was just going to be that easy Johnny...

During my initial investigation and analysis of these millions of random number combinations I'd been hearing about, I went down to the local lottery office and I got a copy of all of the past draws.  Based on the time frame, I would of had a little over 700 past draws to look at and examine, since the lottery first began in California some 7 years earlier in 1985.  I remember making multiple copies of the sheets of paper that I was given at the lottery office and using 6 different colored highlighters and I just dove in and started looking for anything that looked like consistent patterns.  But after 3 months of intensive research, I put everything away in an old briefcase I had at the time, because there was absolutely nothing there within the history of the past draws, that told me that I could predict a future winning draw with. 

The only thing I did walk away with, that would go on to basically haunt me over the next 10 years, was that I just felt that if 'I could just look at the entire past draw as a whole', there I would find the answer that I was looking for. 

10 years goes by and it was sometime in early January of 2002, when one of my friends approached me at work with a paper napkin and said "Hey Johnny, look at how many times each of these Mega Numbers have come up in the California Super Lotto".  I had just bought my very first Gateway computer a month earlier and tried my luck at buying some Worldcom penny stock at the time and it went belly up and out of business, my stock was at the time was worth nothing.  So I went home and now this time, I was able to download the past draws of the California Super Lotto, to re-start my research where I had left off some 10 years earlier.  I didn't know if I could figure anything out in how to win the lotto, I just knew I had a computer this time and maybe I could do a better job of where I had last left off.  But oh, what a surprised bummer I experienced when I got home and was only able to download some 150 past draws, because the California Super Lotto had recently added a Mega number and had changed the odds from 1 in 18 million to 1 in 41 million, in June of 2000 just 18 months earlier.  Like it was just going to be that easy Johnny... 

But hey you gotta work with what you got, so again I set out to run a thorough investigation on all of the past draws I had at the time.  I started by making these really big wall charts and I started tracking different types of patterns and using the same color codes I had used just 10 years earlier, but again just as had happened 10 years before, after three months of serious investigation and research, I couldn't find anything that made me to believe that I could predict a future draw ahead of time. 

So then on March 28th 2002, I decided once again, that I was done with my quest and I started to shred all of the paper documents I had put together over the last 3 months during my research, when as I was shredding, I came upon these particular past draw patterns that I thought would let me 'look at the draw as a whole' .  So I began at first by inputting all of the past draws back into the computer by hand and separating all of the different number combinations by their respective color groups that I had assigned to each group.  One by one I filled in the spreadsheet on the computer with all of the similar past draws, until I found myself with 51 total separate past draw pattern groups of different colors for the California Super Lotto. It was then, that I knew instantly I had discovered something significant within the field of lotto probability, that I would now be able to determine the future draws to come.

It was actually one of the most amazing and beautiful things that I had ever seen before as an amateur lotto analyst and yet this was just the very beginning of the story and research studies for me.  Over the course of the next 6 months, step by step and piece by piece, I would come to fully understand why every single winning draw combination comes out the way it does.  I would intimately come to fully understand why the winning draws come up the way they do over time and finally be able to predict the future Draw Pattern Types ahead of time as well to a certain degree.  Only now there was another big problem I could see that I was facing.  How do I explain something so complex and actually help people to win lotteries with it, I was again just as stumped as I was before I had even made the doggone discovery in the first place.

Don't get me wrong, I did send out some emails and I spoke to a family friend who was an attorney at the time, but no one knew what to do to help me or how to use what I had discovered or put together on paper.  I even asked multiple people that knew mathematics to take a look at my research, but without giving people a particular way to use the knowledge I had accumulated over the many years, it was just a bunch of nice looking mathematics and statistics and spreadsheets on paper, that no one could figure out how to use for anything, let alone to help people win lottery jackpots with. 

At the time when I first made my independent discovery of what I would later call and name Lotto Probability Draw Pattern Mathematics, there was a small lottery magazine called 'Lotto People Magazine' that you could find for free at all of the lottery kiosk stands in the quick marts, across 18 different US states.  The editor of the magazine Terry Materese, was one of the first people to view and validate my research in Lotto Probability Draw Pattern Mathematics and he soon put me in touch with the leading lottery author at the time, Gail Howard, who just so happened to have lived in Las Vegas at the time and she spoke to me on the phone. 

Gail, pointed out to me, that we weren't allowed to view or look at each others proprietary knowledge or work, due to copyright laws.  I had no idea what all of that meant at the time when she said it. I just wanted to be able to help people win the lottery with it, I didn't care about holding anything back from anyone for any reason. But I took her word for it being she was an expert lottery analyst, who had sold lot's of books on the subject. I was merely a lottery hobbyist anyway, who was just being introduced to her through someone in the industry, that thought my particular viewpoint and perspective should be considered in the field of Lotto Probability

As we talked Gail started disagreeing with me, in that there couldn't be a way for anyone to predict a future draw of a lottery and that there definitely wasn't a way I was going to be able to get more people to actually win lottery jackpots throughout the world, so much so, that she made a $1 dollar bet with me that I couldn't pull it off at the time.  Gail passed away in 2015 and I never got to settle that bet with her unfortunately, but today I'm still partly driven to honor that bet I made with Gail back in 2002, to see if I can really accomplish that goal I've set out to complete so long ago.  In fact I've issued a world-wide lottery challenge on my website, that begins on April 1st and ends a year later, with the hopes of helping 100 people win a lottery jackpot. I mean to complete my end of the bet I made with Gail all those years ago, one way or another even if I lose it.

Believe it or not after all of that, all of my research would all go back into the briefcase again (Some of it went onto the computer of course this time) for another 10 years, until I brought it all out again and started playing with it as a hobby again in 2012.  This time around I would go on to map out and mathematically model some 20+ different lotteries throughout the US, using the previous model I had put together and determined of creating 5 different main pages and using a Microsoft excel program; an info page, a matrix page, a mathematics page, a past draws page and a statistics page.   

I mostly continued with working on the smaller pick five lotteries throughout the US at that particular time, because they were just  easier and a lot quicker for me to create and to put together on spreadsheets.   I was really gearing up to take my lottery research and my mathematical model online and to the public finally, when all of a sudden all of my work came to a big screeching halt again.  Believe it or not, it turned out to be because I still hadn't figured out a way how to use all of the knowledge I had gained and developed over the years, to really develop a proper way to help people to use it to win lotteries with.  

Oh sure I had created lots of Tinkermen Lotto Report spreadsheets alright, but they were just sitting on the computer doing absolutely nothing.  That year was also a very busy year for me in other ways, so again unfortunately I just let all of my work that year come to a stop, with no real progress to show for it at the end of the year, except for maybe creating some 20+ Tinkermen Lotto Reports.  I can only say that taking any kind of hobby in ones life, from a part-time hobby to more of a professional hobby to where you would share it with the public, in the end it's still just a hobby and sometimes life just gets in the way and interrupts our hobbies.   

It was also during this time period in 2012, that I decided that it was time for me to actually do some real life testing and to try and back up the bet that I had originally made with Gail, by actually playing the lottery myself.  I was really excited now after what seemed like such a long period of time since I first started out investigating and doing lottery research and now I wanted to play the game itself.  I didn't really have any extra money at the time to just waste on buying lots of lottery tickets, so I ended up changing things up and looking first at the smaller pick 3 and pick 4 lotteries at the time, too as they say play it safer.


The pick 3 and 4's required a lot less money I thought and a lot less thought processing and it just seemed like they were a lot easier to look at analytically for me.  From my mindset at the time, if I could figure out a way to predict a pick 3 or pick 4 lottery with what I knew, I could easily go on to predicting and setting up a lottery model for the much larger pick five and pick 6 lotteries.  But, boy was I ever wrong, the smaller lotteries were just a total different matrix of number combinations and so they behaved much differently, than the larger lotteries did.  But still being an amateur lotto analyst at the time, I was bound and determined to find a way to win those little lotteries and win them often. 

But ya in the end it didn't go as planned and since I was playing for the easiest way to win, when I did win, I was winning the smallest amount you could win and only barely breaking even.  But when I'd change up my bet and went for the bigger payouts, I'd get skunked and get nothing back in return.  The lesson in all of that for me was, nothing comes that easy, especially in the game of lotto and only bet and play what you can afford to lose and since basically it was all just a hobby for me I couldn't take winning or losing that seriously.  Keep reading, because later in this same article I'll expound on how well were doing now in our own lottery pool here at the Tinkermen Lotto Report with my friends, now that were playing in some of the biggest lotteries in the world and why I still believe I can nab the big jackpot someday.   

But again for the most part everything came to a stop for a while, as I really hadn't determined a way yet, for people to use anything that I had learned along the way.  Oh sure over the years I was still given lots of solid feedback by different people and my friends along the way, that made me believe that one day, my point of view and perspectives concerning lottery mathematics, could still be taken public and help people win lotteries with, I just didn't know when or how 

When I was a kid I was held back in the 5th grade and I honestly couldn't stand Math Class, what an absolute bore math class was to me as a kid that I just couldn't get it or understand it at the time, it really did seem to confusing to me.  But as an adult, going through the past draws of the lottery, working on and learning about the mathematics and statistics in-depth, gave me a whole new profound outlook on my own ability to understand many other different things in life and from a personal stand point, I really needed and enjoyed learning about that confidence in myself along the way as well.

Then In late 2018 and early 2019, about 6 years later this time, I actually started working specifically on the problem that had perplexed me since 2002, at finding a good working solution on how to help people choose which number combinations to play, to try and win a lottery jackpot.  I started out with several different thoughts on the subject, but each of them kept leading me each time to developing the Draw Pattern Predictions Chart as my initial first step.  Hooray for me, I finally found and figured it out, that was actually easier than I thought! 

It was shortly after that, that I first began taking my particular lottery playing model to the public, by starting to build my own website and testing my Draw Pattern Predictions out using the charts I had developed, completely on my own and really not having a real clue as to what I was doing or how I was going to do it.  It was my hobby and if I was going to make something of it or mess it all up, then so be it, here now I was finally going to take it and go public.

Turns out, that luckily for me (maybe I finally found that piece of 'luck' that everyone's always talking about when it comes to people that play the game of lotto) I had two amazing things that virtually happened at the exact same time for me when first started building my website.  I really thought at the time that I had it all handled on my own, but one day when I asked my aunt a question about building my website and she offered to look it over and she determined that I had basically built a complete mess online and offered to help me sort it all out.  (omg I love my aunt and I just can't thank her enough for that assistance at that time) It was also at this same time, that one of my friends had heard about what I was doing and offered to try and help me build the html numbers generator (It still needs a name by the way) and literally within a few weeks my website went from being under construction, with some initial testing, to being a fully functioning lottery educational website.  I just needed some players, yep I know that still.

The next step was to start an official Facebook web page and link it to my website, oh man this was really getting exciting now and I was hoping that if enough of my friends joined that maybe I could get someone to win a lottery right away.  Nope it just doesn't work that way Johnny, calm down. Then the guys at work were really pumped up too and ready to play Lotto with me, so we started our very own lotto pool using numbers we generate right from the Tinkermen Lotto Report.  I've really been waiting to do that for so long and whether we win or not, I'm just really happy that I'm seeing someone (Mainly us) play number combinations from the Tinkermen Lotto Report website and that's like a dream come true for me.  

I get up everyday and continue to work really hard on building this website a couple of hours a day, writing new content and answering emails, ect.  When I'm not doing this in my free time, like anyone else I have a full time job troubleshooting things and I'm running around doing errands like cutting the grass or fixing something for one of my friends, you know experiencing LIFE.   The Lottery, the matrix of number combinations and the mathematics that are all involved are to some extent in a virtual non-physical world or realm, to some degree.  So most of what I'm doing I can see it in front of me on the computer,  but I've had to think outside the box a lot more so than I ever have before in working with electricity in general (I'm a master Electrician by trade).  Although you could say that electricity is virtual also, because you can't see it either.

Having a lottery website and trying to help people win lotteries is definitely an unusual side profession per say, asking hundreds of millions of players from all around the world, to play hundreds of millions of number combinations for you guessed it, sometimes hundreds of millions of dollars.  I have no idea why these really big numbers fascinate me so much, but my brain has actually hurt sometimes in the past from thinking so hard about and troubleshooting these complex mathematical models and structures.  Right now people using numbers from the Tinkermen Lotto Report are not even in the hundreds yet, but I hope one day soon that word will finally spread around and that someone will get their numbers from here, just to try it out and then someone wins a lottery they never even thought they would.

The number of attempts and failed attempts that I've made over the last 30 years, in trying to construct something logical, out of what everyone has thought for decades to be merely random numbered events was exhausting for me many times.  But in the end, what I had envisioned, would become absolutely beautiful in what I would come to see and believe and understand in lotto. As the lotto became mathematically deterministic structured events right in front of my eyes and there's enough of that structure, that it allows us to see the future I believe. So that we can create a lottery game strategy of what numbers to play, so that in the end more people can win the game of Lotto.

I'll come back and write more about my life from time to time concerning my lotto journey, in the meantime if you're still interested in learning a little bit more about me, you can check out some of the other things I've written about as a Wikipedia Encyclopedia Editor in the past (One of my other past Hobbies that I don't have time for right now) or join the Tinkermen Lotto Report Facebook page by clicking on the little blue Facebook icon at the bottom of this page.  I give out updates there about a lot of things going on with the Tinkermen Lotto Report website.

If you've read this article I wrote, all the way to the very end, I'd just like to say in a way that it's very nice to e-meet you (Meeting someone via electronic means) and I personally would like to wish you the best of luck in life and lotto. Bye for now...

To Learn more about John Francis discovery of

Lotto Probability Draw Pattern Mathematics

you can watch this short YouTube video

Disclaimer: In this short video below, I make an incorrect statement that "I had found something that laid deep within the past draws of the lottery, that no one had ever discovered before" - It was actually a couple of years after I made this video, that I learned that other lotto math enthusiast, had already made this discovery in the past.  So long ago in fact that the only name most math enthusiast know it by is "Decades Analysis."  Feel free to read my short article on my new naming convention in asking for it to be given a proper name.  At the time I said it, to me the public didn't know about it and still to this day, I believe they don't. Because no one ever writes stories about it to let the public know...