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Lotto Probability Draw Pattern Mathematics

Background and History  

We use a simple six-step Analytimathical process to quantify, that the game of Lotto is mathematically deterministic, click here to download and read our FREE report. This allows us to have an overall 67% Draw Pattern Prediction Rate and generate FREE number combinations for five major world lotteries including – The California Super Lotto, the Mega Millions Lotto, Powerball, Lotto America and the Euro Millions Lottery.

This website launched on July 4th 2019 and we now have over 400+ correct Draw Pattern Predictions, well on our way, we believe, of hitting our goal of helping hundreds’ of people to win and share in Lottery Jackpots each and every year.  To accomplish this goal we challenge the use of quick pick tickets on our website and ask that the public, change the way they play the game of Lotto, by using our Generated Number Combinations and writing out their game play tickets by hand.

The contents of this website and the methodology of lottery game play available here at The Tinkermen Lotto Report, was first conceived by John Francis, after he independently discovered Draw Pattern Mathematics, in March of 2002, while looking through the past draw's history of the California Super Lotto, with six colored highlighters.


His in-depth analysis and study of the past draws and quick pick tickets eventually lead to the creation of the 155-page lotto probability report that would go on to become the home of Tinkermen Lotto Report. It was initially believed, that based on his findings and analytical approach, that a new discovery had been made in the game of Lotto by some of those within the Lottery industry at the time.  He has since gone on to start this website in 2019, with the hope of helping more people win and share in lottery jackpots and is even putting in a request to the public for A Proposed New Name in Lotto Mathematics

"This is a Mathematical Discovery in Lotto,

it proves that Lotteries are not completely random events"

                                                                                                                                                                          - Terry Materese, 'Lotto People Magazine'

But finding traction and support for his findings at the time were also slim to none, outside of "That's so Interesting."  This was because basically knowing some kind of interesting information about Lotto, but not having a particular way for the public to use that information, made that information just a PDF sitting on a computer for almost 20 years doing nothing and helping no one in particular.

 That's also because Lotto Probability Draw Pattern Mathematics has always been relatively unknown to the general public and has never really become a major source of news, because no one has ever really used it to its fullest capabilities and potential, by repeatedly using it to win lottery jackpots with.  To learn more about the history of Lotto and Draw Pattern Mathematics please take a look at those web pages I have also recently started (This website is as they say in progress).

Over the years, John Francis continued to run different types of analysis and studies on his original Draw Patterns discovery and kept searching for a unique way in which the Draw Patterns and Lottery Mathematics could be used to actually help more people win and share in lottery jackpots.

Then finally in early 2019,  some 17 years later after his initial discovery, it was determined that a new methodology of predicting Draw Patterns, could be brought to the public that could go on to be used to generate lottery number combinations and change the way people played lotto.   

John Francis knew from the beginning that sadly, a major Lottery Jackpot was only being won on average 10 to 15 times a year, by someone having the correct matching lotto numbers.  These same 10 to 15 winners were usually always playing Quick Pick tickets 70 to 80 percent of the time, so he realized that if he could get the 70 to 80 percent of the players to change how they play the game of Lotto, then likewise the number of winners would increase dramatically

We always use the most up to date, Draw Pattern Prediction Charts, before each draw takes place that are displayed on our Number Generators Pages, like this image below, to help people choose which Draw Pattern Type they would like FREE Lottery Number Combinations Generated for.  A RED X indicates our most recent upcoming predictions for the Draw Patterns we are generating Lottery number combinations for the next Lottery draw.

(Click on the Draw Pattern Sample Chart below, to view our predictions for the Mega Millions Lottery)

mega millions chart sample

To learn more on how to use our generated number combinations click here and to learn more details about how we determine and have a consistent Lottery Draw Pattern Prediction rate of 67%, view our FREE 155 page Lotto Probability report HERE

View some of our Sample Images from within the Tinkermen Lotto Report

Lotto Probability Draw Pattern Group Types Image is a screen shot image of some of the different types of Draw Patterns, in this photo mainly Doubles, Triples and Quads

Lotto Probability Draw Pattern Group Types

Lotto Probability Draw Pattern Group Names, shows a sample images of what the different Draw Pattern Type Names are

Lotto Probability Draw Pattern Group Names

Lotto Probability Draw Pattern Mathematics image show a sample of how the Forties Draw Pattern group types total combinations are calculated

Lotto Probability Draw Pattern Mathematics

View our Past Draw Pattern Predictions History