'How more people can actually win the Lottery'


Lotto Probability Draw Pattern Mathematics


John Francis

                      "Why can't more people win the Lottery" one of my friends ask me one day, as were nonchalantly discussing the launch of my up and coming website, The Tinkermen Lotto Report.


I look her straight in the eyes and say, "they can", she quickly turns away to something else and moves on with the conversation like we were just discussing a myth.


I get it, history and things about our reality have always told us to be reasonable, to only believe in the truth and unless it's already happened it can't really be the truth,  Right? Well history also tells us from the past, that even just 200 years ago artificial electric light (The light bulb) was thought to be totally impossible, flying in the air like a bird, ya your dream'n again Johnny. 


Or how about in 1902 when the New York Times called the automobile "impractical".  Oh I'm not saying they didn't have a good enough reason at the time (we Love you New York Times by the way) I'm just pointing out that throughout history some things seemed totally impossible at a particular point in time, until it was actually the 'right time' and someone proved it was possible* One of my favorite quotes about doing the impossible is;


"In order to attain the impossible, one must attempt the absurd" - by Spanish Novelist Miguel de Cervantes (1600's)


If you're reading this article, then you know we're speaking on the subject of "How more people can actually win the lottery" and you know 100 percent thet, that statement sounds totally absurd. But what if I told you, that you don't have to actually do the absurd to make it happen, that it's actually a lot easier than you thought. What if I went on to tell you that I'm going to show and describe for you how it's possible in this very article in the next few minutes that "More people can actually win the Lottery".  No Gimmicks, or anything at all for sale here I promise, I'm just trying to help more people win the lotto straight up with number combinations we provide for FREE on our website @ the Tinkermen Lotto Report.


What if I told you that I made up the word 'thet' just now and that it fit perfectly in that paragraph I just wrote.  I don't know if you liked it, I don't even know if it was practical (malapropism), I'm just saying I just made it up and it worked, it didn't stop this article or stump you in any way, you understood the language and the meaning I was conveying.


Now watch what I do with lottery numbers and combinations, it will work. It doesn't matter if it sounds absurd as long as it really works and it changes the total number of people that go on to win and share in lottery jackpots around the world.


Furthermore, when I'm done explaining it, you'll not only be able to see how it's actually possible to do the impossible, I'm hoping you'll want to become one of the lucky ones that helps accomplish that goal.  Can you imagine being one of the very first groups of people to win the lotto en masse, having taken advantage of 'Lotto Probability Draw Pattern Mathematics' and the 'Tinkermen Lotto Report, Lotterycodex or the Lotto Rainbow websites.  I also mention these other two websites, because they too, both also encourage people to play the lottery according to Lotto Probability Draw Pattern Mathematics using particular Draw Pattern number combinations.


I'm going to start off by giving the short version here in this (Part 1) article first, then I'll go into the very long and much more technical version after that, in a second separate article.  Soon, I'm even going to make a Draw Pattern Mathematics video, but first I'll need to have all of this written out on the Tinkermen Lotto Report website. The video will make it a lot easier for someone to view and learn about the methodology, that is used on this website to generate relevant draw pattern combinations, to help more people win lotteries.


It’s trivial, but first let's address the #1 question you want to know first...


So, go ahead and ask it, if not I'll just say it for you; "Your dream'n Johnny, there's absolutely no way you can help more people win the lottery, in fact have you ever won the lottery yourself? (Before I can even answer the question 99 percent of the time, they answer it for me) I thought so!"


We'll actually the answer to that question is "Yes & multiple times in fact " and you can read more about that in the article I’m currently still writing "About John Francis".  But I'll just go ahead and spoil it for you right now and tell you straight up that I didn't win a lot of money because I was just testing on small pick 3 and pick 4 lotteries for a short time, but I did win a lot of times (over 20 times) during my short period of testing. It turned out to be a wash for me though, spending just about as much as I was getting on the return, so I ended the test.  It was a lot of extra work trying to analyze and play the lotto every day as well, I can tell you that.


Now years later, I've restarted playing again (This is not a test) and this time I'm playing the big league lotteries (Mega Millions Lotto and Power Ball Lotto and the California Super Lotto) for the first time in a lottery pool with some of my friends, with number combinations taken directly off of the Tinkermen Lotto Report website. I've been playing with a small group of friends who understand what I'm trying to do and believe in me and we've been playing for the past 7 months since I launched the website. 

I also explain more about how were doing in our lotto pool in the "About John Francis" article. So, you can read about that later if you want (I still need to write all of that one too), but for now let’s keep on track with this "How more people can actually win the Lottery" explanation and conversation.  The answer to your follow-up question is nope, we haven't won a jackpot yet.  We have all gotten to play for free a little bit, but that doesn’t count as any sort of win in my book, I mean you either hit it or you don't right.


Okay let’s switch gears here, for those of you that have ever watched the news when the Mega Millions or Power Ball jackpots get really big, you here the same thing over and over again - "The odds are so high and the lottery is so Random, who will be the lucky winner in some part of the country" and your definitely sitting there thinking the same thing to yourself that it won't be you and it will definitely be in some far away part of the country where you’re not of course.  But you stop by the quick mart on your way home anyway and you buy your $2 Quick Pick Ticket ---> End of Story


Okay fine I will give you that truth, that has been the typical pattern the last couple of decades. In fact, we know based on the past jackpot results statistics that on average only 10 to 15 winning lottery tickets come up each and every year, for each individual lottery throughout the world.  Those really big Lottery odds are really having their way with all of us that spent that $2, why would you spend any more than that anyway, it's not really cost effective to spend much more on a long shot and when we’re talking Lotto were definitely talking long shot odds.


These odds are ridiculously big, so big in fact that when someone wins a Mega Millions or Power Ball Jackpot, (Imagine This Scenario) its usually only a single ticket winner.  These lotteries have 300,000,000 million combinations and if you were to divide that by X number of football stadiums, each full of 50,000 people playing their $2 dollar quick pick ticket at over 3,000+ stadiums and then after multiple draws by the way, some one single random lucky person finally has a winning lottery ticket from 1 single random football stadium somewhere.


Ya, that's just like wow, why would I even ever think I can increase that to two winning jackpot tickets, I wouldn't believe me either right now that I'm actually writing & reading about this.  That does seem to be an impossible thing to try and fathom, let alone try to overcome and just sitting here listening to myself write about it, seems ridiculous. It sounds like in order to accomplish this I'm going to have to generate "Magic Numbers" on my website to have any shot at having someone single person get lucky enough to win the lottery, let alone 100's of people, ya your dream'n again Johnny. Okay give me a second and keep reading, I had to explain what were up against here, that winning the lottery is very hard.  


But the truth is, we've always been up against that same scenario, how is that going to change NOW? Well what if I told you that something new has changed NOW!!! What if I told you that what couldn't have been thought of being attempted or done in the past can be done NOW!!! What if I told you that something new has happened and NOW more people can win and share in the Lottery Jackpots of the world NOW!!! Ya I know that's a big balderdash type statement right there Johnny, you seriously better back it up with something really concrete, like some kind of super evidence or something even bigger like those magic numbers you were just talking about.


Okay then, I'll stop beating around the bush and just tell you that the real short answer is this: "Technology  & Knowledge and changing the way people actually PLAY the game of Lotto"  can lead to more people actually winning Lottery jackpots, than ever before".


More than 10 to 15 people a year, yes way more, how many more? I don't know, but gone will be the days of just 10 to 15 people winning jackpots and more people, I mean a lot more people will be winning the second and third level prizes in the future too.  I know this sounds like a far-fetched myth and too good to be true, remember how I started this article with the same conversation with my friend and what she thought. 


So, here's another question you’re now wondering and asking, is why hasn't this ever been done before and the short answer is similar to that of the circumstances surrounding the invention of the light bulb.  It just wasn't the right time. We didn't have all of the right tools and technology and knowledge to accomplish it, it's pretty simple I believe based on what I see and believe I know and understand.


What we lotto analyst see in the form of an Analytimathical model, (A new word/term that's a portmanteau, that I made up in 2006 combining the two words analytical and mathematical) at least from what I see speaking for myself is, certainty in probability.  If X is happening right now and we change Y, then Z changes in the total outcome one two three easy peasy xyz.  Now since this has never been attempted before, we have no absolute truth to tell us that it's absolutely going to happen.  Of course, I don't believe that or I wouldn't be writing all of this or have started this website, but for the sake of what I've already said so far, let's look ahead at how we can accomplish it.


So, for the sake of argument and being unreasonable for just a minute, for the sake of doing and accomplishing the impossible, let me first explain the short quick answer to why and how more people can actually win the lottery and then we'll go on from there.  To show you quickly I'm going to use an analytical model of how the lottery is currently played right now, then show you how changing how people play the lottery according to "Lotto Probability Draw Pattern Mathematics" changes the outcome and "How more people can actually win the Lottery"



Current known Lottery Playing facts:


1)  50% - percentage of people in the USA that play the Lottery

2)  70% - percentage of people currently play the game of lotto using quick pick tickets

3)  70% - number of people that actually win a lottery jackpot using a quick pick ticket

4)  30% - estimated number of people that actually win a lottery jackpot that write out their own numbers intentionally  (I also know something about this statistic that no one on Earth else knows about & will share it when I can in the 'About John Francis' article)

5)  10 to 15 – total number of people that actually win a lottery jackpot per year, for each particular lottery in the world



NOTE: Quick Pick Tickets are random number combinations, that are generated and distributed to the public at the exact same mathematical draw pattern percentage rate, as the past winning lottery number combinations are drawn, based on "Lotto Probability Draw Pattern Mathematics" (Source - Tinkermen Lotto Probability Report - Study on Quick Pick Tickets)


There’s an idiom that says 'You should never compare Apples to Oranges ' But, do you know where Spectators actually sit to catch foul balls at over 2,000 ML Baseball games each year?


A study was conducted (Similar to a Tinkermen Lotto Probability Report) and determined that foul balls tended to be hit where one would assume.  That Right-handed batters fouled more baseballs often into the lower stands by first base and the left-handed batters’ fouled baseballs more often to the lower stands by the third base side.  Yet, and yes, we all know the majority of people that attend baseball games don't go there intentionally to catch foul balls. Okay unless it's the World Series or something special, because generally a baseballs net worth is usually around $5 dollars.


But let's say that out of the over 72,000 foul balls that are hit each year, that they represented a winning lottery draw number combination and every time someone caught a foul ball, they won a million dollars. If it was like that, we all know that based on "Baseball Foul Ball Probability" that everyone would be attempting to sit in areas and sections where it was most likely for the foul balls to be hit too. This is not rocket science here it's simple baseball physics, gravity and simple statistics.


Okay now for the big drum roll please, because I'm about to hit a home run per say in this article finally that you've all been waiting for, don’t even be looking for a foul ball here. Remember when I made this statement from above;


"For those of you that have ever watched the news when the Mega Millions or Power Ball jackpots get really big, you here the same thing over and over again – That the odds are so high and the lottery is so Random"


This (so Random) statement is a FALSE statement that everyone currently believes in and that people and news agencies alike, continually write about and perpetuate – It is just not True!


Quote taken directly from the Tinkermen Lotto Report

“This is a Mathematical Discovery in Lotto, it proves that Lotteries are not completely Random events” - Terry Materese,  ‘Lotto People Magazine   


Remember also when I said: “Well what if I told you that something new has changed NOW!!! What if I told you that what couldn't have been thought of being attempted or done in the past can be done NOW!!! What if I told you something new has happened and NOW more people can win and share in the Lottery Jackpots of the world NOW!!!”


Simply put, that with the new understanding of Lotto Probability Draw Pattern Mathematics that we have, we now know that lotteries are far more mathematically deterministic than we ever used to. In other words we now know where the Winning Draw Combinations are going to be coming from and going to, based on Draw Pattern Mathematics and statistics that we've taken directly from the past draws themselves.  These results have in themselves verified the math that we use to calculate and create the mathematical models with that are used in the Tinkermen Lotto Report.  

If we use a simple analogy based on what we NOW  know, this means that when the public chooses the much more quick and convenient method and purchases a quick pick ticket, they are being given lottery ticket number combinations for all of the different seats throughout the entire baseball stadium.  Which means that many of the combinations never even have a chance at becoming the winning draw or based on our analogy the right location where the foul ball will be hit to.

This something new  that I'm speaking about that we've learned, is information on which how Draw Patterns form based on the mathematics for each individual lottery and this has allowed us to actually determine which draw pattern predictions to make and which lottery number combinations we should then choose to generate for FREE numbers for people that come to the Tinkermen Lotto Report website. 

Looking back at the past 5 years worth of past winning number combinations from the Mega Millions lottery, below in this example chart, you can visually see that some Draw Pattern groups tend to come up and be drawn and repeat over time as winning draw combinations way more often than others.  If more people were to STOP playing quick pick tickets and play on purpose, number combinations from within certain Draw Pattern groups that come up more often, it is only reasonable to understand that more people would have the winning combination and that more people could win and split Lottery Jackpots.   

What normally tends to happen, with most people playing quick pick tickets, all of their combinations are way spread out over the total of the 92 different Draw Pattern group types (As in this example from the Mega Millions Lottery) and so less numbers of people actually end up having the winning combinations.  As you can easily see from these past draws below in the chart, that only 8 of the 92 groups are coming up as the winning Draw Pattern types the most often, so why would you play a quick pick ticket that gives you a combination outside of those particular groups with quick pick tickets that don't particularly Aim for you to Win? 

A couple of different other small examples I have of how well we do this, is based on some of the evidence we've generated over the course of our very first year. Which can be found in our draw pattern Prediction History Album, which shows our over 400+ correct draw pattern predictions and in our online Google Doc's Spreadsheet, that helps us keep track of when we've made correct predictions in the past, for the five major world lotteries that we make predictions and lottery number combinations for each and every draw. 

Currently our highest Draw Pattern prediction rate was at over 75% for the USA Mega Millions Lottery and we do have an overall prediction rate that's been holding at around 67% for five major world lotteries combined that we've been making predictions for, since we launched our website on July 4th, 2019.  

So, as you can see, we do know much better NOW, based on Draw Pattern Mathematics where most of the winning number combinations are coming and going per say into the lower seating sections (This again is a baseball analogy) by the first and third base lines in the stadium.  It also means that if you receive number combinations from us, you're getting combinations that are within lottery draw pattern types that do come up often, so instead of just getting some random number quick pick combination that could fall within any draw pattern type, you get specific number combinations that fall within draw pattern types that we know that are going to come up or that are the most due to come up because we really do "Aim for you to Win"


I know you should never compare Apples to Oranges, or in this case Baseballs to Lottoballs, but I just did it and it fairly worked even though the odds were against me (Pun Intended). So, now I think it’s the best time for me to go to the bottom of the ninth inning and end this whole thing with a grand-slam home run and ask all of you reading this to join my;


Tinkermen Lotto Report World Challenge


and try and have all of you PROVE ME WRONG  when I say that “more people can actually win the Lottery”.  That’s right, I’m challenging each and every one of you and every single person in the world who plays the game of lotto, to deliberately not buy a Quick Pick Ticket and to use their CELL PHONE or COMPUTER  (“What if I told you that what couldn't have been thought of being attempted or done in the past can be done NOW)  to now get their lotto number combinations from either the Tinkermen Lotto ReportLotterycodex or the Lotto Rainbow websites and write out their lotto tickets at a lottery kiosk nearest them and join the:

The lotto challenge that I’m suggesting, is that if we can get a certain number/percentage of Lottery players to stop playing quick pick tickets, I believe we can see 100 jackpot winners in a single year for a major world lottery. Yes, you can quote me on that!  If you would like more information on this challenge you can click on this link world lotto challenge for more info. 


So now let’s go all the way back to the very beginning of this article and the initial question and answer that started all of this anyway;


Why can't more people win the Lottery"


it’s one of the oldest questions and quotes that I’ve been hearing from people that play the game of lotto since the modern lottery began.  Instead of one person winning 10 million dollars, people ask why can’t 10 people just win a million dollars? Well, I say and contend and challenge everyone in the world thet “they can”!


My first thought of course running through my little lotto analyst head right now, (Besides the fact thet someone doesn't like me making up words, or even worse how I use them) is how in the world would I ever even know or determine if more people are/were writing out their number combinations by hand in the first place.  An entire year could go by and the number of winners could go up or down and I’d really have no way to judge whether my World Lottery Challenge had been accepted or not by players world-wide.


But the truth is, I/we in the lotto industry would know it right away and let me explain why.  Those of us that understand Lotto Probability Draw Pattern Mathematics thoroughly, like Renato Gianella and Edvin Hiltner and myself, we all know that if even 20% of the Lotto Players who currently play quick pick tickets started writing out their combinations by hand, we would start to see an immediate change in the overall number of ticket winners very quickly. 


In other words, if you’re sitting there some place reading this and thinking to yourself that what you do won’t make the slightest difference in the number of lottery winners, you’d be wrong.  Because each and every one of you actually contribute to the overall current jackpot winning statistics of just 10 to 15 winners per year, throughout each individual lottery in the world.  If you are considering on joining my challenge, please don't spend more than $10 each week in trying to change these statistics, that is the limit we ourselves have for our own lottery pool of players.  Always remember that winning a lottery jackpot is still incredibly hard, as the overall odds of winning are extremely high.

So how does everyone go about doing that you ask? First off let’s remember that it does matter how you get your numbers, a quick pick ticket assigns people random number combinations that are not as good mathematically and statistically as number combinations that you will find on the Tinkermen Lotto Report, Lotterycodex or the Lotto Rainbow websites.  So now that you know why and where to go to get your lotto number combinations, let’s move on to the next step; creating your lotto ticket.


With these new advancements and changes in technology NOW, lotto players can now receive and download their mathematically generated number combinations from anywhere on the web and now those number combinations can be used to fill out and makeup lotto tickets during the actual time of purchase.  This can be done from the comforts of your own home, from your computer or on your way home when you stop at the quick mart, at the lottery kiosk.  Don’t you just love it when technologies like this start to work out for the better and it actually becomes the "right time" for something like this to become possible.


Lastly, let’s bring in the latest technological advancement and lottery playing tool that gives us the home run in this game, with the recent addition of the mobile lottery ticket purchasing courier apps.  These mobile phone apps are just now coming online in most of the lottery market world-wide and available for a limited number of US lotteries (17 states), but continues to expand in the market each year. It really is the best way I feel to get the Tinkermen Lotto Report world lottery challenge up and going smoothly, that can ultimately really lead to helping 100's people in winning a lottery jackpots within the next year. 


With advanced playing settings and secure checkouts, today's Lottery Ticket Mobile Apps have started to become the 'Go To' for the regular or even the international lotto player, who wishes to play in a lottery even in a completely different country.  That’s right, players from almost anywhere in the world can NOW purchase and buy a Lotto ticket or join a syndicate (A Lottery Pool of Players that share the same group of tickets) for most of the lotteries that are played in over 100 nations. 


I would like to personally invite those of you that play the game of Lotto once in a while or those of you that only play the lottery when the jackpot gets really big.  To at least consider maybe checking out and downloading one of the below mentioned mobile lottery playing apps, or maybe even increasing you're playing to just twice a month and joining the Tinkermen Lotto Reports world lotto challenge. You’d be surprised how impactful each of your choices would make in the game of Lotto, statistically speaking, concerning the number of overall jackpot winners and the lower prize winners too.  I’m going to provide a short list of these mobile lottery playing apps for some of these different Lottery ticket agencies, that I’ve linked to websites that have also done a review of each of them. so that you can learn more about them.


In ending this article on ‘How more people can actually win the Lottery’, I have to say that there’s absolutely no one in the lottery industry (People that analyze the Lottery using mathematics or statistics) that will ultimately dispute that picking your own numbers is not the better option. But there are many different websites and people and opinions within the lottery industry that claim that they know best.  None of them can lay claim that they have ever challenged everyone in the world or went on to help a 100 people in a single year to win a lottery jackpot by the way, that's completely on me to try and help accomplish and prove.  Ya I'm not going to bring back that quote again, but I know someone's thinking this whole challenge thing is absurd Johnny!


As an amateur lottery analyst that has just ventured into the online foray, my particular opinion, website and style of playing Draw Pattern Predictions are brand new to the web and have never been fully tested (Or even tried to my knowledge, I'm the very first to make Draw Pattern Predictions I believe and I have a 67% overall correct prediction rate so far for 5 major world lotteries).  But my Lotto Probability Report has been thoroughly examined, validated and scrutinized by those within the industry that know the game of lotto:  It's been said to be of original thought, very well presented & organized and correct in its mathematics & statistics.

So even though no one has yet won a lottery based on the Tinkermen Lotto Report, since I first launched the website on July 4th 2019, the future looks very promising enough to keep this website growing and making predictions.  But having said all that, as an analyst I can only say that the TRUTH always comes down not to personal opinions on why things are or aren’t spelled or said correctly, but to what actually works.  I believe that what I have to say and recommend is new and unique to the field for the game of lotto and its going to actually work and make a difference for many lottery players throughout the world beginning right NOW ! ! !

Please give us  a try and visit


to get your FREE Lotto number combinations because we actually do

“Aim for you to Win”  

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