This page shows you how to create and use our

Generated Number Combinations 

From the HOME PAGE, you will see five large green buttons, for the five major lotteries we make draw pattern predictions for, click on any one of the five buttons to be taken to our Pick a Draw Pattern Selections Page.

After you have clicked on one of our five major lotteries buttons as shown in the example above, you will next be taken to our, Pick a Draw Pattern Selections Page, as shown below in the next image.  On the left hand side of the page you will see 10 different Draw Pattern Types to choose from. Click on one of those 10 different Draw Patterns to receive our FREE number combinations generated for you.

After you have clicked on a particular Draw Pattern Type like 'Double Low' from the above example, next  you will be taken to our number generators page, as shown below in the next image.  Then just click on the word GENERATE to have our random number generator, generate number combinations for you that fall within the particular draw pattern type that you have chosen. 

This type of number generation is called 'wheeling numbers' and you can learn more about how we create number combinations based on Lotto Probability Draw Pattern Mathematics by going back to our About page.

This will generate the Double Low number combination, like in our example of 1, 8, 17, 37, 41 and the Mega number 4, for you to use to play the Mega Millions Lottery.  Then just take these numbers and copy them onto your Mega Millions play slip, it's that quick and easy.