Tinkermen Lotto Report World Lottery Challenge

Those that wish to participate in the Tinkermen Lotto Report World Lotto Challenge;  

All Lottery players agree that this is not a real lottery contest or a contest of any kind, there are no prizes being awarded or being suggested of being awarded by the Tinkermen Lotto Report.  This is merely an hypothesis test in the game of Lotto, that we believe will change the number of jackpot winner statistics (That they will increase) if more people stopped playing quick pick tickets and started writing out their own lottery number combination tickets. 

We all agree to a $10 individual ticket spending limit max per person.  We all also agree that this is not a contest to see who can actually win the Lottery and the Tinkermen Lotto Report is not responsible for any losses you incur while playing the lottery or in the Tinkermen Lotto Reports World Lotto Challenge, we repeat this is not an actual contest of any kind. The Tinkermen Lotto Report is not advising you to enter a contest or advising you to actually play the lottery or advising you to enter or play in the Tinkermen Lotto Reports World Lotto Challenge

.The Tinkermen Lotto Report is simply saying and stating that we believe that those that normally play the lottery and use quick pick tickets, if those same players were to play numbers generated by the Tinkermen Lotto Report,  Lottocodex or the Lottorainbow websites, we believe more than 10 to 15 people in each of the worlds lotteries.  We also further believe that at least a 100 people would in one year, win the lottery collectively in at least one lottery if everyone changed how they played the game of lotto.  There is no contest or prize being awarded by the Tinkermen Lotto Report based on our beliefs, we are merely asking people to try something different in how they play the same game they normally do, by playing number combinations not generated by quick pick ticket machines.  

This is a friendly lotto probability hypothesis test and challenge, beginning on April 1st 2020, that is based on the number of people who currently win jackpots vs a year from now on April 1st, 2021 if more people stopped playing quick pick tickets by John Francis vs the World.   

Please don't judge us - we're just a numbers dealer.

We like to give out the best possible lottery draw pattern predictions and mathematical draw number combinations. Tinkermen Lotto Reports and Predictions are always FREE and like everything may be subject to human error.  We wish everyone the best of luck in life and lotto.  Don't play quick picks, pick the Tinkermen Lotto Report , because "We Aim for You to Win"